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We work together with the world’s innovators to design and manufacture electronic solutions that solve complex technical challenges. We’ve done it for over 80 years, and we’ll continue to use our heritage of innovation and expertise to develop the technologies of tomorrow.

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Fortifying Healthcare Innovation from the Frontlines

Investing in the future of healthcare is a major driving force at Phillips-Medisize, LLC, Molex Medical and Pharmaceutical Solutions and our parent company, Koch Industries, Inc. Each organization taps into incredible stores of knowledge, decades of expertise and longstanding trusted relationships to continually support innovative solutions that change people’s lives for the better.


Power & Data Matter: 4 Design Considerations for Electric Vehicle & Autonomous Driving Applications

Key considerations electric and autonomous designers must take into account to ensure proper functionality, performance and competitive capability.

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Injection Innovation: The Future of Drug and Reagent Handling

In these turbulent times, many across numerous sectors are seeing “the future” is fraught with market challenges — as well as brilliant promise. With so many recent changes in the way people receive their medical care, the drug and reagent handling marketplace is experiencing tremendous pressure to design solutions that answer the need for ease of use and broad access to needed drugs and monitoring while keeping a strong focus on environmental sustainability. The result is an emerging reliance upon companies that can supply both in an integrated end-to-end process that takes place on-site at the device manufacturer.

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“And the Winner Is…”—Recognizing Molex’s Industry-Leading Distributors and Their Unparalleled Contributions

Molex has announced the honorees of its 2020 Distributor of the Year Awards. The award program highlights the achievements of the company’s valued distribution partners and their vast contributions.

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Mitigating Disruption in Healthcare

Virtually every industry has had to adapt to the supply chain and staffing issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the healthcare sector was impacted more by this kind of disruption. With its long lead times, specialized labor force, need for complex certification, rigorous change management, and reliance on essential components, key healthcare companies struggle to both meet demand and to continue to provide reliable services to their patients.

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The Amazing Race: Molex Rallies to Speed Delivery of Groundbreaking 5G Connectors

Building high-speed connectors for mobile devices is a team sport. Dedicated specialists must bring their “A” game and leave nothing on the field to support successful go-to-market strategies. Today’s introduction of Molex’s RF mmWave 5G25 Connector series epitomizes the grit, passion and pride of supplying top-quality samples in a matter of months—a major milestone for Molex and the growing 5G mobile device market. The journey from start to finish was an amazing race.

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