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Overcoming 5 Design Challenges for Capacitive Touch Backlighting

As automotive designers continue to make the in-vehicle experience more closely match that of our mobile device usage, backlighting of capacitive switches is becoming more ubiquitous. Automotive OEMs find that adding backlighting to their touch switches, dials and buttons is a way to differentiate themselves from their competition and add premium aesthetics to their cars’ interiors.


“Inside-the-Box” Twinax Solutions – Design Considerations

The shift towards 56 and 112 Gbps PAM-4 signaling as the new normal continues to accelerate. Under intense pressure to increase data speed in tighter spaces without sacrificing signal integrity, data center and telecom infrastructure industries face a growing need for cost-effective solutions that maximize efficiency, reliability, power consumption, thermal performance and speed.

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Automobile Battery Management Systems Bring Unique Challenges for Flexible Printed Circuit Assembly Designs

The rise of electric vehicle (EV) technologies holds great promise to provide consumers with vehicles that are quieter, less expensive to operate and offer reduced emissions. Combined with sophisticated advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) capabilities, next-generation EVs can offer enhanced safety features along with improved comfort and convenience. For all their possibilities, however, acceptance of these advanced vehicles depends fundamentally on their ability to reduce “range anxiety” for consumers who are worried that an EV might suddenly leave them stranded with a depleted battery. Arrayed against this fear, advanced battery management systems (BMSs) built with a flexible printed-circuit assembly (FPCA) provide features able to optimize battery efficiency and maximize range.

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