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We work together with the world’s innovators to design and manufacture electronic solutions that solve complex technical challenges. We’ve done it for over 80 years, and we’ll continue to use our heritage of innovation and expertise to develop the technologies of tomorrow.

The 5G Growth Trajectory – Opportunity and Flexibility Abound

Almost three-quarters of mobile service providers have begun 5G network rollouts or plan to do so by Q3 of 2021, according to a March 2020 study by Business Performance Innovation Network. And, everyday devices are being designed for 5G compatibility with an eye for widespread deployment and adoption.


Understanding the Rewards – and Risks – of PoE

Power over Ethernet or PoE, is a network feature that allows electrical power to travel through an existing data connection with an Ethernet cable, delivering DC power to Powered and IP-enabled devices. Providing a convenient and cost-effective approach to deliver both power and data connectivity over a single connection.

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Molex Optimizes Lifesaving Thermal Cameras

Tracing who has a virus is an important step in containing its spread —especially in public spaces or dense, urban areas. And with the challenging dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic – it has never been more vital. Thermal imaging scanning identifies the heat generated by fever, a common symptom of COVID-19. With expertise and support from Molex, one global leader in thermal imaging cameras was able to address an unexpected spike in demand for this critical technology.

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