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We work together with the world’s innovators to design and manufacture electronic solutions that solve complex technical challenges. We’ve done it for over 80 years, and we’ll continue to use our heritage of innovation and expertise to develop the technologies of tomorrow.

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How Capacitive Touch Technology Enables Design Trends

Advances in sensors and overlays for “buttons” have opened the door for capacitive touch in variety of use cases when the right tools and materials are used.


Accelerating Digital Transformation in Healthcare

The global pandemic has shined an epic spotlight on digital technology. Digitization isn’t simply providing a new way of doing things, it’s changing how we do most everything. And in many cases, the change is permanent and permeates every vertical sector, delivering productivity gains, actionable insights, and higher efficiencies. Indeed, Digital Transformation is here to stay.

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Black History Month as Told by Molex Black Professionals

This month is about deliberately making the time not only to learn about the struggles and the achievements of Blacks, but also to plan and deliver fairness and justice.

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Igniting Customer Advantage with Speed and Unprecedented Customer Experience

As Molex continues on its digital transformation path, customers remain our front-and-center focus. After all, we recognize that our customers have choices when it comes to selecting the best connectivity solutions and products for their critical projects—and our goal is to be their preferred business partner.

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