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We work together with the world’s innovators to design and manufacture electronic solutions that solve complex technical challenges. We’ve done it for over 80 years, and we’ll continue to use our heritage of innovation and expertise to develop the technologies of tomorrow.

Design Optimization and Material Sourcing Help Deliver a Respiratory Filter Adapter

In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, University Hospital Limerick (UHL) in Ireland knew there would likely be a spike in the demand for respiratory technologies. In an effort to get ahead of the potential need, UHL reached out to the Rapid Innovation Unit (RIU), an SFI supported research group through the CONFIRM Smart Manufacturing Center in University of Limerick (UL), for help. This set off a chain of efforts, including turning to Molex for design and sourcing expertise.


Creating the Backbone for Your Smart Building

The world continues to experience a large growth in the pace of technological upgrades and digital transformation. As a result, organizations have new opportunities for the improvement of the quality, sustainability and efficiency of where we live / work and the infrastructure that defines those spaces.

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Molex+AutoMedx: Bringing Battlefield Technology to the Fight Against COVID-19

Ventilators are critical in the global response to the new coronavirus but use of these devices requires significant training from specialized healthcare providers. The SAVe II ventilator from AutoMedx, a Molex customer, overcomes this training hurdle by simplifying use without sacrificing effectiveness.

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