Daniel Brad Woodhead Harrison

When I meet new distributors and customers, I introduce myself as Tom from Molex/Woodhead.  Yes, I work for Molex Incorporated but I sell Woodhead® and Brad® products.  Why the confusion?

First of all, I should explain what a “Molex” is, as many people in our industry are not aware of Molex Incorporated.  Molex, as one of my friends suggested, is not a chemical that you spread on your lawn to prevent moles.  Molex is the 3rd largest connector manufacturer in the world, with annual sales of over $3.5 billion.  5 years ago, Molex began to get serious about becoming a key player in the Electrical and Industrial markets, so they acquired Woodhead in 2006.  Through this acquisition, Molex inherited the Woodhead brands, which include: Daniel Woodhead®, Brad Harrison & Design®, applicom®, SST™, Aero-Motive® and mPm®.

The (Daniel) Woodhead and Brad (Harrison) names are very much established in our industry and have a lot of meaning for distributors and end-users alike.  So we wanted to keep those names viable, but at the same time let people know about Molex.  After months of customer surveys and some teeth gnashing, we narrowed down our electrical/industrial product offering to two names: Woodhead and Brad.  “Woodhead” includes our electrical and Aero-Motive products, while “Brad” includes our automation control, communication, connectivity and software products.

Speaking of names, the New England Patriots have a running back named Danny Woodhead!  Seriously, Danny Woodhead.  It would be cool if his middle name was “Brad”.  But, it isn’t – his middle name is Frank.  People say that when Danny Woodhead runs the football, his moves are “electric!”  When he runs pass patterns, he is very much in “control!”  If we ever need a spokesman for our products, Danny Woodhead has got to be the man.  But I digress….

So, you will continue to see the Woodhead and Brad trade names, but will also see the name of Molex, too.  You can call us Woodhead or Brad or Molex or Molex/Woodhead or Brad/Molex and we will answer – especially if you have an order to place.