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Why China Will Produce the Car of the Future, First

Future-gazing in the automotive industry may be the stuff of fantasy to many. But, upon review of the results from the recent Molex ‘The Future of Automotive’ survey, it was clear that it can be more truthful and tangible than many appreciate, even for pragmatic industry influencers. For example, in the fast-moving automotive industry, predicters and consumers alike have long projected a world of flying and driverless cars. While the former may realistically be some way away yet, there are nonetheless several technological stepping-stones that are already in play to get us to the Car of the Future. And, they point to China as the formative player that who will bring us there first.


Software-Defined Vehicles: The Path to Innovation and Differentiation

The automotive sector is well on the road to embracing software-defined vehicles. In fact, an ever-increasing reliance on digital smarts, in addition to mechanical parts, will advance driving experiences in leaps and bounds.

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The Million-Mile Car: Fact or Fiction?

Do consumers really want a car that can be driven one-million miles? Far from fiction, next-generation vehicles sporting million-mile warranties will become a reality sooner than later, thanks to the undisputed rise in electric vehicles (EVs). By design, these cars are built more simply, with significantly fewer moving parts.

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