What’s Shaping the Phone of the Future?

Mobile computing device usage has come a long way since the first Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) were introduced by PSION back in 1980. Since the introduction of touchscreen phones, they have become ubiquitous and have become the go-to standard for productivity and anytime/anywhere access to the people we love and the jobs we do.  In 2020, 6 billion smartphones were in use around the world, meaning 78% of the global population owned one. And smartphone adoption is still growing, with the device count expected to rise to over 7 billion devices by 2024. These pocket supercomputers are so integral to modern life – and the momentum will most certainly continue with yet more technological advancements grounded in driving incremental use and value. So, what does the future hold?

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Bart van Ettinger is the Vice President of Sales for the Consumer Market, which includes consumer electronics, mobile devices, consumer IoT devices and white goods. He has worked at Molex for over 31 years and has held various international roles in Europe and the US.