Smart Devices Require Smarts

Medicine has relied on mechanical devices to help treat patients for decades. These devices have ranged in complexity from stents and shunts to dialysis machines and ventilators. As we settle into this age of data, the pressure to connect, control, instrument and analyze the operation of such devices and their impact on health has grown exponentially. After all, at a time when my watch can share heart rate and oxygen saturation, surely any physician-prescribed monitoring device should be able to provide relevant medical insight too?

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Chris Conger serves as Director, Connected Health Device Technology and Director of Technology Development for Phillips-Medisize, a Molex company. Prior to joining Phillips-Medisize, Chris spent 17 years at IntriCon Corporation where he served as Vice President of R&D, in charge of a 37-person multidiscipline development team covering mechanical design, automation, electronics, PCB design, wireless technology, DSP algorithm development, and embedded software. Chris has worked in the medical industry for over 33 years and holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Chris has been awarded the title Molex Technical Fellow recognizing a lifetime of achievement in engineering excellence.