Closing the IT/OT Gap to Ease Industry 4.0 Adoption

In today’s factories, across nearly every key industry, it’s common to see significant differences in the way various teams view and react to change in their operating environment. No clearer example of this exists than in manufacturing, where the adoption of new digital technologies and processes that deliver on the promise of Industry 4.0 is testing the two primary support teams that make this happen. The two teams are: Information Technology (IT), which runs the network that manages the enterprise, and Operational Technology (OT), which run the manufacturing lines including machines, robots, maintenance and anything related to them. They have been known to experience strained relationships as they work to smoothly usher in this transformation. This situation has spotlighted a clear gap in perceptions, support, and outlook of these technologies, highlighting a siloed approach that could stand as a roadblock to companies adopting Industry 4.0.

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Daniel Amirsadeghi is the Director of New Product Development and Strategy for Industrial Solutions Business Unit at Molex and the chief architect of Molex Industrial Automation Solutions 4.0 (IAS4.0). Working closely with industrial automation customers, business partners and key supply chain players, Daniel is responsible for providing strategic direction to develop value streams that serve our industrial automation customers, to help them realize the true benefits of digital manufacturing. He has over 28 years of experience in leading and working on multi-disciplinary product developments for industrial communication, factory automation, process control and advanced data acquisition applications.