10 Tech Enablers That Are Turning 5G Into Reality

5G represents the next generation of wireless communications. But while the promises of 5G networks with higher capacity, lower latency, and increased bandwidth are exciting prospects, the value of such technological advancements will only be realized when they are applied to real-world use cases that drive mutual benefit to the end user. This is why engineers globally are endeavoring to unleash the benefits of 5G into a broad range of applications including gaming, virtual reality, autonomous cars, and wireless surveillance, to name a few. In each case, 5G is expected to drive innovative new business models, as companies start to take advantage of enhanced connectivity.

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Darryl Wilson is a Technical Market Manager at Molex. With decades of telecom experience, he is a resource for both internal and external stakeholders on both optical and wireless networking. His work is key in alignment of future customer needs to Molex sales and product strategies.

Previous to Molex, Darryl held multiple positions at Verizon. He led Verizon’s first ultra-longhaul network deployment and most recently was responsible for the wireless transport planning team.

Darryl has a B.S. from Townson State University.