Navigating the Alphabet Soup of Communication Protocols to Confidently Evolve to Industry 4.0

Industrial automation is undergoing something of a sea-change, with Industry 4.0 promising a new generation of communications technology capable of gathering and processing data at speeds close to real time. The virtually instant availability of this data drives the formation of a new ecosystem of ultra-efficient, highly connected and intelligent manufacturing. Set against a proliferation and legacy of both established and associated industry communications protocols, Industry 4.0 could appear as a threat to traditional industrial automation systems, such as some older versions of fieldbus. So, what barriers might stand in the way of a seamless Industry 4.0 future?

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Dean Donnelly is Global Business Development Manager at Molex. Mr. Donnelly has been involved in driving the evolution of Industrial Robotic and Controls, transitions in Industrial Networks and integrated functional safety for more than 25 years. He helps to define needs and transitions in the 4th Industrial evolution.