Driving Towards a Driverless Future

There is little doubt that the future holds a very different automobile from those on our roads today. It will almost certainly be fully self-driving in most, if not all, situations by the time all is said and done. In fact, the Society of Automotive Engineers ( has published a well-defined roadmap that outlines the six stages of the evolution, leading to fully autonomous vehicles at Level 5.

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HSAutoLink™ Media Modules

The HSAutoLink module family was originally developed several years ago to support USB, USB charging, analog audio, video and other basic functions for the connected vehicle.  As interconnects have gotten […]

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Automotive Device Charging Challenges

We are all carrying more devices that constantly need to be recharged. How many of you have either forgotten your chargers or used that “USB” charger that did not properly work on your USB device? Although it seems to be a simple thing to deliver power to a device, when done incorrectly it can fail to recharge, waste precious energy, or in the worst case, damage the product. None of these scenarios lead to a satisfied consumer. In the transportation industry, we also complicate the issue with how and what type of power is being delivered to the I/O port that will power our device.

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Gary Manchester has led new product efforts in high speed and printed circuit product development at Molex for over 30 years. Gary holds several interconnect patents and has won several awards for his work in networking and automotive network designs. He currently leads Molex’s work in autonomous vehicle networks and user interface products and technology.