Zonal Architecture: Five Revolutions in Vehicle Design

Zonal architecture is ushering in a new era in vehicle electronics design. Grouping functions of the vehicle by location zones with each zone being responsible for the devices that are installed in a particular section of the vehicle, zonal connections must be made through a locally installed zonal controller or gateway. This new approach leverages the latest developments in computing power and high-speed communication, both of which will be essential due to the huge increase in data that must be processed in the next generation vehicle. So how is this new architecture revolutionizing vehicle design?

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Removing Roadblocks to Vehicle Electrification

The future is electric. Indeed, the electrification of products, systems, and processes is happening at an accelerated pace in countless industrial and consumer settings.  These changes are driven by advanced electronic technologies in lieu of conventional methods such as hydraulics and pneumatics.

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Greg Avery is the Terminal Integration Team Leader for Molex. He has been with Molex for 23 years and has held several positions that require collaboration with Engineering, Manufacturing, Product Management, Sales and Purchasing to balance product functional needs with manufacturability. He enjoys working on new emerging technologies with key Customer Engineers to anticipate and pursue product opportunities, that solve unique customer problems.