Lesson Learned!

It is always interesting to talk to our customers. I enjoy the face-to-face meetings since the customer is my primary knowledge base about applications, problems, solutions, and – most of […]

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Bytes, Bits, Frequencies and Rise Time

Quite often customers ask me, whether or not a connector would work for a certain set of electrical signals. Today everything is fast, especially the data rates. And whatever is […]

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It is all about the backhaul

I just read an article about Wireless Internet Service Providers(WISPs) in the US and the "Wispapalooza" conference in Las Vegas. The WISPs are obviously establishing wireless links with CPEs in areas where the incumbent DSL suppliers deliver no, bad, or expensive Internet bandwidth to the subscriber. And these WISPs seem to be quite successful: Over the last 12 months they have added 800,000 customers in North America alone.

The story above and my always article-hungry webmaster convinced me to talk about my latest experience with regard to Internet accessibility when we decided to ride the “Pride of Africa” train over 3500 miles from Cape Town South Africa to Dar Es Salaam Tanzania.

Well equipped with a notebook, digital still cameras and a newly bought HDTV camcorder, we started our journey, telling our relatives that this year (last year we were touring the South Sea) they will not get any pictures and we just will try to fill in the travel log which is a shared, but private, blog.

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