Home Appliance Control Innovation: PEDOT Pushes All the Right Buttons

Over the past decade, modern technology has propelled efficiency enhancements at an exponential rateā€”even reducing the amount of effort required to interact with everyday staples like thermostats, appliances and entertainment systems. What used to involve the press of a button or turn of a knob now entails the subtlest touch of a finger, all thanks to the innovative functionality of capacitive switches and conductive sensors.

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Jeff started working for Molex in May 1999. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering and started as a Quality Engineer for Printed Circuit Solutions in the Naperville, IL facility. In 2005 he changed positions to a Senior Quality Engineer and worked until 2007 when he changed positions to a Manufacturing Engineer. In 2010 he transitioned to the sales side and became an Account Manager responsible for all things User Interface. Since then, he has held the titles of Program Manager, Product Manager and his current role of Business Development Manager responsible for North and South America.