Bigger is not Better – Molex Microminiature Connectors are the Holy Grail for consumer electronics design community

Think about it, the trends today in consumer electronics is not “bigger is better.” Yes, Americans have gone to great lengths to buy bigger houses, bigger cars, bigger dogs, and if you’re a passionate golfer like myself – a bigger driver. However, when it comes to consumer gaming systems, computers, tablets, notebook PCs, DVRs, smartphones, digital music players, electronics readers or digital cameras; we want them to be smaller, thinner, lighter, more portable, consume less power and last for weeks without a charge. We hate replacing batteries or picking up our favorite device to find that is dead. Gadget makers are having to pack more features in a smaller or similar footprint with stronger batteries. We want to take our consumer gadgets with us everywhere and anywhere. Kids today are filling backpacks when they go on vacation not with books, but with all the consumer devices that they must have with them on a 3-hour flight. Thank goodness for Molex Evaldi™ (503700 series) audio earbud headsets (shown below), so parents don’t have to hear these video soundbites 24/7.

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