How Connected Drug Delivery Will Enhance Pharma’s Use of Big Data

In recent years, the world has become much more aware of the promise of Big Data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Indeed, the ability to extract unprecedented insights from vast troves of unstructured data, using smart algorithms and game-changing computing power, is expected to be tremendously valuable to those industries that are bold enough to apply the technique.

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Justin McMath supports Molex’s Medical and Pharma Solutions division as strategy lead. In the role, he is responsible for helping to shape the growth agenda for the division and identifying new strategic opportunities. During his tenure with Molex and prior employers, Justin has held roles in product development, innovation strategy, product management, strategy consulting, and M&A advisory across industrial, medical device, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and technology verticals. Justin McMath earned a Bachelors of Science in Materials Engineering from Northwestern University and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business.