Glow Wire Testing and Consumer Safety

The dreaded smell of burning plastic: Most people know that means something electrical is overheating and needs to be turned off. But what if it’s a dishwasher or refrigerator and no one is home?

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Three Reasons Why Your Design Needs PowerLife Wireless Power Coils

With wireless capabilities becoming widely available in cars, furniture, medical devices and more, forecasts show that the wireless power market will grow to be a nearly $15-billion-a-year industry by 2024. In order for OEMs to capture their share of this emerging market, they need cutting-edge designs that meet consumers’ wireless demands and expectations. In response, Molex has developed a wireless power coil that overcomes some of the toughest design challenges.

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Three Design Challenges Solved by MultiCat™ Power Connectors

Engineers often find themselves choosing between high-power connectors that don’t offer all the features that would be ideal for their designs and are forced to compromise as a result. For instance, if they can’t find a connector that delivers the required current rating in a small package, engineers may settle for a high-current connector that increases their design’s size.

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