Single Pair Ethernet, IIoT and the “Last Meter” Challenge 

With Industry 4.0, or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the benefits of intelligent, connected equipment have already been proven. However, in order for the full benefit of the Industrial Metaverse and the vision of seamless sensor to cloud Ethernet connectivity to be fully realized there are critical infrastructure challenges that must be addressed, and Single Pair Ethernet technology (SPE) is delivering the solutions.

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The next frontier for automotive manufacturing cost leadership – Industry 4.0

The automation of automotive production stands as a prime example of how legacy systems such as traditional assembly lines that use robots for no more than assembly and welding, have much to gain by aspiring to reach the ultra-efficiency of Industry 4.0. While automotive automation may not be shooting rockets into space, it is now viewed by many as the next frontier for cost efficiency in manufacturing and controls engineering.

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Mark Schuerman has worked at Molex Incorporated for over 18 years, based in Rochester Hills, MI. He has been responsible for developing Molex’s Industrial Automation business in the Automotive, Food & Beverage, and Material Handling markets globally since 2009. Mark’s core responsibilities have allowed him to work closely with the key industrial controls architecture decision makers in the automation industry. His input plays an important role in shaping the new product development strategy within the Industrial Solutions Business Unit at Molex.