Bearing Up Under Miniaturization: The Connector Conundrum

Miniaturization has become a constant companion of engineers in virtually any type of product that incorporates electronics. Automobiles, mobile devices, medical equipment, defense systems, consumer electronics, appliances – every last one of these categories have one thing in common: the requirement to shrink with shifting market demands.

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5G – What is Needed to Break the Hype Cycle?

The notion of the “hype cycle” has haunted countless technologies in the past. First, new technologies and their infant products and solutions are lauded to the skies. Then, disillusionment sets in when delivery is delayed. And finally, cool appraisal wins the day. Perhaps no other technology has been so bound to the notion of a hype cycle than 5G. Sometimes, though, when people see the true potential of a new technology, excitement sets in that bit more readily, that bit more quickly, and it’s understandable that some impatience may creep in. And it’s no wonder. As 5G rides out an interim period where ongoing support for 3G/4G/LTE is still required and COVID stands as a significant delay tactic, the market is inevitably keen for 5G to be fully implemented, and now. The market needs it, it seems.

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As Vice President of Global Product Development and Innovation, Mike Deppe serves on the Molex Global Leadership Team and leads our Global Engineering Council. Mike and his team help improve the Customer and Employee Experience by working to transform our Global Product Development capability. He ensures that Molex’s Digital Transformation efforts are aligned and connected to our development organizations, and that these initiatives provide a differentiated end-to-end experience for customers and employees alike.

With over 20 years of experience at Molex, Mike has held various progressive roles in Engineering, Project Management and Operations, and product development for Human Machine Interface (HMI) assemblies, FPC/FFC products, and printed electronics and sensor systems. In 2018, he was he was named to his most recent role of Vice President and General Manager for the Printed Circuit Solutions Business Unit (PCSBU), and quickly took on additional responsibility for the RF Solutions Business Unit in 2019, where he positioned the business for re-investable returns while leading the transformation to enhance our business culture.