Meeting the Challenges of Cold-Chain Logistics Head-on

The pandemic has made us all take notice when a vaccine, a ‘life-and-death’ solution for a worldwide health crisis, comes with a built-in logistical challenge: the need for maintaining a constant temperature, in this case sub-zero, for quality and efficacy. End-point storage, tractor-trailer road transportation, ships and aircraft all face the same challenge: adjusting what would normally be a typical transportation environment to the demands of what the industry now more accurately calls “cold chain logistics.”

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Medical Wearables: Designing for Daily Life

Consumers have grown accustomed to personal and wearable electronics, including personal wellness monitors like step trackers. Building on this trend, the medical market is innovating wearables that monitor vitals and health conditions. Continued advances in the technology have made it possible for such devices to effectively diagnose conditions and apply therapies, which can produce more positive outcomes and improve millions of lives.

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