Smart Agriculture in Depth

Farmers are under pressure to grow more food while minimizing their environmental impact. Smart ag has emerged as one of the most valuable tools to enable this.

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Cracking the Rural Access Nut: Is 5G the Answer?

5G mobile networks are being marketed on the promise of enabling exciting new applications such as augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, and telesurgery. But more utilitarian applications of the technology, such as bringing reliable broadband connectivity to rural communities, will provide the greatest early benefits.

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Roger Kauffman is Sr. Director of Product Management and Marketing for Molex. His responsibilities include global leadership of the product management, marketing and business development teams for RF and Microwave solutions. A 40-year veteran of the electronics and RF/microwave markets in various roles including Business Development, Sales and Marketing. He joined Molex in 2001 and is based in Indianapolis, Indiana.