Exploring the Key Attributes of Modern Energy-Efficient Data Centers

Although often hidden from view, there can be no debate that our reliance on data centers is spiraling. In their report ‘Data Age 2025’, analyst firm IDC forecasts that within four years, society will generate 175 zettabytes (ZBytes) of data each year – somewhere between two and three times the current rate. The report goes on to suggest that there will be 6 billion connected users by that time, each of whom will interact with a data center almost 5,000 times per day – triple today’s rate and 10 times what it was in 2015.

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“Commonality,” Need for Power Reduction Hot Topics at DCD Webscale

Even in the age of instant digital communication, trade shows are still a great opportunity to talk in-depth about industry trends and, for exhibitors, to get one-on-one reactions to your product portfolios. That was the case for Molex at the DatacenterDynamics Webscale Conference and Expo, which was held July 19-20 at the San Jose Convention Center. As an exhibitor, we were part of the discussion that went on throughout the show on the future of digital infrastructure.

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Ryan Wade is Vice President of Sales for Molex Cloud division, providing direction and strategy to this critical and growing business. He has been with Molex for 15 years and has held various sales roles, including Director, Data Center Sales.