Simulation: A Revolution in Design and Manufacturing – Part 2

As we discussed in part 1 of this short blog series on simulation, the evolution of modelling and simulation provides a bridge between design concepts and product manufacture, with the added benefit of enabling engineering teams to virtually run multiple scenarios to ensure optimized component manufacture. But how does this support the assembly process and what additional benefits will new developments, including the digital twin and AI, bring? In this blog, we will delve into these topics in more detail.

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Simulation: A Revolution in Design and Manufacturing – Part 1

The abstract concept of simulation has a long history. Artisans use models of their work in order to share a vision or explore new ideas, architects construct intricate scale models of buildings to better conceive the way light and space might work together. In engineering, simulation has assumed new importance, as it provides a stepping-stone between two-dimensional drawings and a three-dimensional product. More importantly, it allows engineering teams to develop multiple scenarios in a virtual world where the cost is much lower.

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Sandy Huang is a Predictive Manufacturing Manager for Transportation & Industrial Solution Division at Molex (Rochester Hills, MI) and has been with Molex for 12 years. A zealous Moldflow Expert (certified) for much of her 25+ year career, recent years she focuses on using a wide range of simulation tools to address multi-discipline connector manufacturing challenges. Sandy holds a master’s degree in Industrial and Manufacturing System Engineering from University of Windsor in Ontario Canada.