Accelerating Digital Transformation in Healthcare

The global pandemic has shined an epic spotlight on digital technology. Digitization isn’t simply providing a new way of doing things, it’s changing how we do most everything. And in many cases, the change is permanent and permeates every vertical sector, delivering productivity gains, actionable insights, and higher efficiencies. Indeed, Digital Transformation is here to stay.

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AI/Machine Learning Blog

The B2B Proposition: AI/Machine Learning Technologies Enable Global Industrial Transformation

Urgent demand for a new era of industrial automation based on the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is now a primary driver for Digital Transformation (DT). The benefits that will be realized are significant, and like any technology / digital operating model evolution there will be challenges towards optimizing these capabilities. In regard to IIoT, there are currently limitations in terms of data scaling and speed of operation that impact its success. It’s no wonder that into this space has stepped ‘Machine Learning and Training’ and ‘Inferencing’, which together enable decision-making at scale and at speeds approaching real time. Collectively, this is called Artificial Intelligence or ‘AI’.

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