Pushing Forward: Meet Sara Salerno

For many people, running is a way to stay active and find refuge from the chaos of everyday life, but for Sara Salerno it has become so much more over the years. Growing up, Sara had written off running as something that was not for her. She even quit shotput on the first day of practice, determining there was too much running for field participants. However, in 2012, she took the first step and began running as a way to stay active and in shape for her upcoming wedding. It was not long before she caught the running bug and became completely hooked.

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Pushing Forward: Meet Louis Card

For Louis Card, this year’s Chicago Marathon looked incredibly different from last year’s experience. On a cool fall day in Atlanta, he conquered the 26.2-mile course. Set against the backdrop of the vast greenery of Atlanta’s many running trails and parks, this run was noticeably quieter than a typical marathon. Motivated by his future aspirations, Louis pushed through—one peaceful mile after the other.

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