Optical Fiber – The Backbone of Today’s Digital Economy

As global data traffic grows, added demand is being put on the world’s communication networks. To address those demands, high-speed optical transceivers, flexible and scalable optical transport products, compact connectors and fiber management are all vital capabilities to build high-bandwidth and high-density communication equipment to serve telecom, enterprise and hyperscale data centers.

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Evolving Your Data Center: Why There is No Time to Waste

Existing data centers are facing an unprecedented demand for storage and the need to handle large amounts of data. Data center storage requirements are increasing by more than 50 percent annually, according to IDC, with digital information projected to increase to 163 zettabytes by 2025. What factors are driving growing needs? There are several key contributors to this growth, including a wave of transitions to cloud storage, open systems, edge computing, machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence

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The Software-Defined Vehicle Is Here — Is Your Network Bandwidth Ready?

The concept of the “software-defined vehicle” is gaining momentum throughout the automotive industry. The way in which drivers and passengers will experience the car of the future is dependent on the software and related services offered by the car manufacturer. This will impact dramatically the architecture of the car as well as the bandwidth of in-vehicle networks (IVNs), which will continue to grow exponentially, as will the complications associated with high data rates.

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