Creating the Backbone for Your Smart Building

The world continues to experience a large growth in the pace of technological upgrades and digital transformation. As a result, organizations have new opportunities for the improvement of the quality, sustainability and efficiency of where we live / work and the infrastructure that defines those spaces.

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Three Design Challenges Solved by MultiCat™ Power Connectors

Engineers often find themselves choosing between high-power connectors that don’t offer all the features that would be ideal for their designs and are forced to compromise as a result. For instance, if they can’t find a connector that delivers the required current rating in a small package, engineers may settle for a high-current connector that increases their design’s size.

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A Powerful Blast from the Past

Recently, I stumbled across a circa 1965 advertisement for Molex power connectors. Touting the durability and long life of the “low-cost” power connectors, with printed circuit nylon terminals making possible […]

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