Come see innovative interconnect solutions from Molex at Booth 1518 MD&M Minneapolis!

“Bigger and better than ever”

Come see innovative interconnect solutions from Molex at Booth 1518 MD&M Minneapolis, Minneapolis Convention Center

The Affordable Care Act hangover is lifting and Medtech is beginning to adjust to the “new normal” where cost control is lock-step with innovation.

While many questions remain unanswered, what is absolute is that Medtech as we know it will not be the same.

In addition to the sociopolitical impact of the ACA, industry convergence is accelerating to include “lifestyle healthcare” blurring the lines of what is a commercial product and what is a medical device.

With a legacy of leadership in interconnect; come see how Molex can provide innovative and cost effective solutions to the Medtech industry.

  • Molex Printed Circuit Assemblies:  Low-profile, custom assemblies offer tactile silicone membrane graphic overlays, copper flex or polyimide circuitry and micro-board components with LEDs embedded under an embossed window for a wider viewing angle, increased visual brightness, decreased light bleed, improved assembly and easier use of curved surfaces.
  • Temp-Flex® Specialty Wire: The microminiature wire, cable and continuous coils use biomedical coating and medical grade base metals and provide medical device manufacturers with the maximum in product efficiency, reliability and flexibility for the ultimate in patient care.  Temp-Flex capabilities have expanded to include cut and strip; cut, strip, twist and tin dip and micro-coaxial cable prep.
  • FCT Electronics Group:  With a focus on design and manufacturing of custom mixed-layout connectors and cable assemblies, FCT Electronics Group helps Molex build on its ability to provide customized solutions to a broader range of customers.

Other Molex products on display at MD&M Minneapolis include:

  • By combining the versatility of the two-shot molding process and the speed and precision of LDS capabilities, innovative MediSpec™ Molded Interconnect Device/Laser Direct Structuring (MID/LDS) helps medical device designers integrate complex electrical and mechanical features into highly compact applications.
  • Ideal for packaging in tight spaces and harsh environments, Copper Flex Circuit Solutions range from high-speed signals to power connections for optimal flexibility in designing advanced medical monitoring and diagnostic devices.
  • Resistive Touch Screens are available in a range of screen material options, bringing medical device designers both cost and design flexibility.  A flexible top surface recognizes touch with a gloved finger while providing pin-point accuracy.
  • Featuring a range of high-speed options, Molex Microminiature Products deliver high level performance, reliability and durability.  Stacking, board-to-board microminiature connectors are ideal for the thinnest hand-held medical devices.
  • Polymicro Technologies™ Specialty Optical Fiber and Capillary Tubing is the world’s leading supplier of silica capillary tubing and specialty optical fibers, optical fiber end prep and capillary assemblies that are labeled, packaged and sterilized per customer requirements.  Polymicro is FDA 21 CFR 820 QSR registered and compliant to ISO10993.

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