Dedication to Quality Earns Molex Philippines Plant Ford Q1 Status

Molex has supported the automotive industry for nearly a century, and that opportunity leaves us with many lessons. One that has always been clear: Ford Motor Company consistently upholds some of the most stringent standards in the industry for manufacturing. Any product that is placed in a Ford vehicle must meet exacting metrics over an extended time period. It’s how Ford has become recognized for both its high product quality and customer satisfaction.

It’s also the reason we’re especially thrilled to announce that the Molex Philippines manufacturing plant has been awarded Ford Motor Company’s prestigious Q1 certification in the production of its HSAutoLink I cable assemblies. Q1 is a set of benchmarks Ford has developed to guide its suppliers’ production processes and continuous improvement. By applying consistent, understandable metrics that drive manufacturing excellence, the Ford Q1 designation has become a globally recognized mark of quality.

I’m proud to congratulate the Philippines facility on receiving Q1 certification. Their achievement serves as confirmation of Molex’s production capabilities, and it is also a testament to our commitment to an important customer with the delivery of high-quality products and service.

Clearing a High Bar

To be considered for Q1 certification, a plant must provide at least six months of data and complete a very detailed, arduous process of certification, which included implementation of Material Management Operation Guide and Logistic Evaluation (MMOG/LE) standards for automotive suppliers and a manufacturing site assessment.  Ford tracks a supplier’s warranty, quality and delivery performance as well as other metrics to determine whether system capabilities meet standards and requirements. For example, the plant must have consistently delivered high-quality products when compared against industry standards and a perfect delivery score for at least three consecutive months. To maintain certification, Q1 plants implement continuous improvement processes to meet Ford’s rigorous standards with ongoing consistency.

Receiving Q1 certification is a notable achievement for the Philippines facility, which is a relatively new Molex plant. It has been achieved through the implementation and maintenance of high Molex manufacturing standards throughout our manufacturing capabilities, facilities and processes. In meeting Ford’s qualifications to achieve Q1 status, the Philippines site also enabled Molex to become a preferred vendor. Tooling for new HSAutoLink I cable assembly production lines in the Philippines plant began in 2018, and the cable assemblies produced there are used for high-speed communication and infotainment connectivity in Ford vehicles.

In recognition of our achievement, Ford will present a plaque and a flag, which the Philippines plant will proudly display. As I reflect on the Ford relationship over the past decades, it’s clear to me that our commitment to providing the highest-quality, most reliable products every time serves as a powerful validation point of our brand promise — Creating Connections for Life. Ford Q1 Certification most certainly does as well.

Senior Vice President & President, Transportation & Industrial Solutions, Molex