DesignCon Here I Come!

From January 31st through February 2nd I’ll be at DesignCon 2012 in Santa Clara, CA.  Given that Chicago just had a blizzard last week, sunny California will be a nice change of scenery!  Molex will be highlighting a number of connector technologies at our booth including our high-current power connectors.  I’m very excited to be presenting a demo involving two of our successful power products, EXTreme LPHPower™ and EXTreme Ten60Power™, which shows the effect of airflow on power connector performance.  Past visitors will notice that we have grown our demonstration this year to include the higher current-carrying connector, EXTreme Ten60Power.

As everyone knows, heat’s the bane of power connectors.  Heat-related resistance negatively impacts how much current a power connector can supply and ultimately the amount of work it can do.  The demo I’ll be doing will show how varying airflow rates dissipate heat from the connector and thus positively affect power connector performance.  Dissipating heat is key because power connectors often have multiple power blades and the subsequent mutual heating within these blades further degrades current carrying capacity.

The EXTreme LPHPower and EXTreme Ten60Power connectors have lower profile heights (7.50mm and 10.00mm respectively) than the competition, allowing greater airflow within the system, which also helps lessen heat-related resistance.  The amount of copper in the board, of course, also affects the temperature in the system due to heat dissipation.  Molex tries to understand all of these key thermal management conditions when trying to select the best possible power connector system for your application.  The more heat you get out of the system, the better.

Come check out the Molex booth#109 at DesignCon 2012 and see how EXTreme LPHPower and EXTreme Ten60Power get a performance boost from increased airflow!