Drone Battery Charging: Keeping it Safe and Effective for Users

Innovative drone makers have realized that as drones become more commonplace and more sophisticated, smart batteries and advanced connectors will allow less-sophisticated, everyday consumers to safely and effectively charge their drone batteries.

It’s important for smart batteries to be used in drones because they allow everyday consumers to safely charge their drone batteries with simple charging units. Smart batteries have integrated electronics that self-balance the loading of the lithium polymer (LiPo) cells in the battery. A standard (non-smart) LiPo battery requires a special charger that provides load balancing during charging. If the cell loading is not balanced properly, a thermal event could occur. A smart battery lets average consumers take the charger provided with their drone and plug it into a wall socket — just like charging a cell phone.

EXTreme Power connectors from Molex are not only robust and small in size, they handle high current levels, with signal offerings that allow for balanced loading of LiPo cells in smart batteries.  To see a comparison of Molex connectors suitable for battery applications, including different profile heights, amperages per contact and electrical layouts, click here.