Design Engineer Tell-All: Advancing Innovation in an Era of Disruption

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Amidst industry wide shifts in electronics, how are design engineers’ role requirements and challenges changing? The Design Engineer Tell-All compiles the results of over 500 qualified international survey participants to shine a spotlight on exactly how design engineers are driving innovation and staying ahead in this dynamic field.

Discover the latest trends in design processes, the ever-evolving relationships with distributors and suppliers, the makeup of design teams themselves, and more.

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Data Center

The Future of Cable Infrastructure

Ever increasing speed requirements have customer expectations for faster, more efficient online experiences at an all time high. Learn about key consideration for choosing the right cable solutions for maximum performance in the data center architecture of tomorrow.

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Going Modular: Empowering Data Center Transformation

Engineers look to modularization and disaggregation to accelerate data center performance upgrades while working within existing infrastructure. Plug-and-play modular approaches allow businesses to quickly respond to industry developments without breaking the bank.

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Mobile Devices

Innovative Solutions for a High-Speed World

Today, chipmakers and mobile device manufacturers are racing to attain components and connections for producing smaller, smarter devices.

By pinpointing innovations in 5G, antenna solutions, micro connectors and other key technologies for the future of mobile devices, Molex can help our customers and partners gain ground in this highly competitive market.

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Miniaturizing Innovation

Collaboration unlocks incredible innovation. The proof is the creation of a groundbreaking micro connector that takes up 30% less space than its predecessors. Learn how dedicated teamwork between Molex and a leading smartwatch manufacturer made it happen.

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Revolutionizing Vehicle Design

From miniaturized systems to wireless solutions and advanced micro connectors, Molex offers our customers the critical expertise to race ahead of the competition and deliver the future of automotive technology and connectivity.

Undoubtedly, the biggest design change on the horizon for vehicles in future generations is the introduction of zonal architecture. Learn how zonal architecture will have a massive impact on the automotive landscape and how Molex is aiding in its development.

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Blending Innovative Science and Advanced Manufacturing

Discover how Phillips-Medisize teamed up with Exact Sciences to advance cancer detection with the first and only FDA-approved noninvasive stool DNA screening test for colorectal cancer, Cologuard®.

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Innovating the Healthcare of Tomorrow

The future of healthcare is connected; technological innovations are empowering life-saving capabilities including diagnostics, therapeutics and monitoring to rapidly merge.

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The Hidden Challenges of 5G RF Design

Learn why signal propagation and integrity, as well as circuit board design and cost count among the subtler RF challenges facing 5G designers.

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Navigating the Future with Engineering Expertise

Engineers work to drive tomorrow’s life-changing innovations—advancing technology to make cutting-edge capabilities a reality—which makes them the lifeblood of a technology company. To ensure we drive continued advancement in the interconnect space, Molex constantly strengthens our engineering prowess and expertise at all levels of the organization.

Our engineers are encouraged to approach challenges with a problem-solving mindset and collaborate with each other and with customers to leverage combined experiences and viewpoints. The result? A seamless experience for the customer and groundbreaking products.

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Transforming Critical Testing of Structural Foundations

As an industry disruptor in foundation testing, Pile Dynamics, Inc. (PDI) sought solutions to reduce cost and testing time frames without sacrificing quality. Molex answered their needs by developing custom cable solutions and scaling production to meet booming demands amid supply chain constraints.  

The relationship between the two companies began with cable assemblies, it has evolved substantially, enabling Pile Dynamics to bring the newest, cutting-edge technologies to market while revolutionizing the way foundations are tested, from pour to production. 

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Technology Paving the Way

Trust Molex to provide the cross-functional expertise and an exceptional portfolio of high quality, reliable solutions essential to powering next-generation technology.

Optoelectronic Solutions

Molex leverages its optical experience to produce some of the highest performing, field-proven optical components in the market. Explore a range of products that deliver 100-Mbps to 400-Gbps data rates and comply with Ethernet, SONET/SDH, Fibre Channel and CPRI standards.

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Transceiver Solutions for Telecom Networks

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ConnTAK50 Connector System

Marketplace demands are leading automotive OEMs to include more infotainment and safety options in their vehicles. As a result, space constraints are a growing issue. ConnTAK50 Connectors offer a compact 1.80mm pitch for the dual-row version, easing space constraints.

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5G mmWave RF Flex-to-Board Connectors

Advanced 5G applications need maximum PCB space-savings, a superb price-to-performance ratio and design features to suit multiple applications. Molex’s 5G15 connector is compact, supports frequencies up to 15 GHz, and features leading-edge EMI shielding, robust mating, pin assignment for power and high-speed signal options for greater design flexibility.

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Smart Autoinjector Platform

The Aria smart autoinjector from Phillips-Medisize, a Molex Company, is a powerful, flexible, platform, designed for ease of use with a compact form. Learn how this revolutionary injection device is transforming the patient experience and cutting waste by up to 50%.

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