Unleashing the Power of the Industrial Metaverse: Are You Ready?

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It’s been a long journey from the dawn of personal computers to the doorstep of the metaverse, and in 2022 we are just beginning to see businesses uncover the possibilities of the industrial metaverse.

Tools like digital twins and predictive analysis will enable businesses to make unprecedented data-driven decisions, while simulated production has the power to optimize operations and create immersive customer experiences that provide endless ways to interact on new levels.  

The question is: are you ready? In this report learn what you should be doing to prepare for the evolution of the metaverse over the next five years.

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Unlocking the Potential of the Industrial Metaverse

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The metaverse is poised to usher in a new era of engagement and enablement across every business sector. As robotics , digital twins, AR/VR and digital assistants become the norm in manufacturing applications, what impact will they have on next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure?

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10 Tech Enablers That Are Turning 5G Into Reality

With 5G finally being rolled out around the world, engineers are endeavoring to unleash the benefits of enhanced connectivity, and companies are starting to take advantage. Here, we unveil 10 critical technology enablers that go a long way toward making 5G a reality.

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5G and AR/VR: Raising the Bar for Immersive Experiences

5G will deliver value to consumers in many ways, but it’s difficult to pinpoint the first application areas that will drive the biggest technology investments or fastest user acceptance. In this blog, Lee Ettleman (Molex Director of Corporate Strategy) shares his observations.

Glimpse Into the Immersive Future
Mobile Devices

What’s Shaping the Phone of the Future?

As of 2020, 78% of the global population owned a smartphone. And adoption is still growing, with the device count expected to rise to over 7 billion devices by 2024.

To get a picture of where we’re headed, Molex asked more than 200 high-level decision-makers, suppliers and manufacturers in the smartphone industry what they think the mobile phone of the future, or its replacement, will look like. The results were eye opening.

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Data Center

‘Connection-First’ Design Crucial for Today’s Complex Data Centers

Taking a step back to look at data centers holistically– and not just from the standpoint of the ‘tech’ involved – is vital to understanding how and why connectivity is essential. Join us as we do just that, exploring redundancies, major market drivers, diversity of applications and more.

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Connected Healthcare is Better Healthcare

Imagine a world where patients can monitor their conditions in real-time, provide instant and accurate data to healthcare providers and access essential medications without leaving home. This is the reality we can unlock as connected healthcare solutions become more commonplace and accessible.

Learn how engineers in the medtech space are pushing technology, innovation and data monitoring to new extremes, all to facilitate the management of wellness, health and chronic diseases.

Learn How Connected Drug Delivery Will Enhance Pharma’s Use of Big Data Read About Revolutionary Smart Autoinjectors

The Data Center on Wheels Speeds into View: Envisioning the Future of Automotive

Connectivity continues to be at the center of discussions about how to create a more autonomous, safer driving experience. Tomorrow’s vehicles will mirror a data center – fueled by software, storage, connectivity, and computing.

Experts agree that collaboration will be key in the success of the data center on wheels. Dig into this and other key insights from Molex and Mouser’s survey of automotive stakeholders.

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Industry 4.0

Customer-Focused Collaboration Powers Technology Innovations

For many organizations, the opportunity to realize the value of Industry 4.0 is still on the horizon. But at Salvagnini, an Italian metal fabricator, an overarching commitment to process optimization and efficiency is yielding tangible benefits today.

Find out how Molex collaborated with Salvagnini to fuel flexible industrial automation solutions, expediting a fast, efficient path to Industry 4.0.

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Connecting People to Value: Winning the Transformation Game

When you order an item online and receive your delivery six hours later, you’re experiencing the gold standard of customer service. It’swhat we now know as “the Amazon effect” and customers overwhelmingly now view all transactions through the Amazon lens.

How can businesses hope to live up to these expectations, particularly in today’s world of breakneck-paced technological evolutions and supply chain complexities?

At Molex, we are committed to digital transformation that emphasizes connection, enables optimal agility, promotes company-wide collaboration and expedites product development. In short, it’s all about connections.

See How We Do It Tap Into More Engineering Insights

Technology Paving the Way

Cross-functional expertise drives an exceptional portfolio of high-quality, reliable solutions essential to powering next-generation technology.

NearStack PCIe Connector System and Cable Assemblies

Transmit signals directly from point A to point B and avoid traces on expensive PCBs with the superior signal integrity performance of the NearStack PCIe Connector System and Cable Jumper Assemblies. Designed with density in mind, this innovative system allows for minimal footprint and maximization of routing flexibility.

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FPC-to-Board Connectors For EV

Electric vehicle performance will never be the same with Molex’s new high-power 1.00mm floating board-to-board connectors for EVs. Dual contacts and a deep wipe length provide reliable connectivity and offer the dielectric strength and insulation resistance required by the automotive industry while maintaining a small package to mitigate space constraints.

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Quad-Row Board-to-Board Connectors

Meet the world’s smallest board-to-board connector, ideally suited for space-constrained smartphones, smartwatches, wearables, AR/VR devices and more. Quad-Row’s innovative staggered-circuit layout offers 30% space savings over its predecessors, offering more room for functionality.

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