He might be thousands of miles from grandma and grandpa, but that won’t stop them from celebrating his birthday together. Everyone is just a click away.

It’s all part of our new connected world.

We are working with our customers to innovate ideas for today and tomorrow. Not by making people adapt to technology, but by making technology that adapts to people for people.

We call that Creating Connections for Life.












Opening new doors to digital learning.

Many communities around the world are challenged by a lack of reliable access to broadband. With peak data speeds, ultra-low latency, and a better experience for more users, 5G technology addresses the challenge head on.

When one of the largest global players in consumer and mobile products chose Molex to support innovation for its 5G launch, we delivered with an OLED display-to-main board connector and a high-band millimeter wave connector that was the first of its kind. This is just one way Molex innovates to deliver on the promise of 5G — including new ways for kids to learn no matter where they are.

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Transforming vehicles, saving lives.

Communication is table stakes in a connected vehicle. Transmitted quickly and reliably from both inside and outside of the vehicle, automotive communication ensures the safety of all. From drivers and passengers, to the cyclist you didn’t know was coming around the corner — V2X technology is a game changer.

Molex V2X antennas provide a 360-degree panoramic view around the vehicle — minus the blind spots. It’s just one example of our extensive connected vehicle technology, which is helping transform road safety by keeping people — both inside and outside vehicles — out of harm’s way.

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Helping make every day a miracle.

After she was born with severe hearing loss, her parents felt overwhelmed. Thanks to a cochlear implant — an electronic device developed for people who cannot benefit from hearing aids — there is hope. She’s not only hearing voices more clearly, she’s on track to develop speech patterns similar to kids without hearing impairment.

Molex is creating next-generation electronics to help her connect with the world. Fine-wired interconnect cables bring immeasurable benefits to the hearing-impaired and everyone in their lives. And that’s music to our ears.

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Molex: 40,000 connections strong.

With all the energy, passion and excitement of a start-up, we’ve created a unique DNA; 40,000 employees, spread across continents, united by a single purpose — to create connections for life.

Innovation is behind everything we want to achieve for our customers — and everything our customers want to achieve for their customers. So, we never forget that our continued success depends on one thing — finding meaningful connections to every new opportunity, every single day we come to work.

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