DesignCon 2023

Optimizing Innovation

Electronics design innovation is essential to address ever-increasing demands for high-speed connectivity—with enhanced signal integrity and smart thermal management fueling the need for tomorrow’s data center technology today.

Visit Molex at DesignCon Booth #739 to see how we’re capably delivering next-generation compute performance, with high-power offerings achieving 112G speeds and beyond.

Also be sure to catch our live presentation on the proven advantages of Active Electrical Cables (AECs), for cost-efficient data delivery at high speeds:

February 1 at 2:30 p.m. PT


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Cutting-Edge Connectivity

Inspired Integration Elevates Performance
Don’t miss our live demonstrations in Booth #739, for an up-close look at our groundbreaking new modular data center hardware system—designed to meet your most demanding requirements. It features:

PCIe Gen5: Prepare Now

Compact Footprint, Cutting-Edge Performance

Ever-escalating demand for bandwidth-intensive, data-driven functionality is spurring the need for unprecedented speed in compute, storage and networking applications. Access our podcast below to instantly equip yourself with innovative insights that accelerate the learning curve.

Molex’s NearStack PCIe Connector System and Cable Assemblies:

  • Replace conventional paddle-card solutions—optimizing signal integrity and enhancing performance for versatility
  • Were adopted as a standard by the Small Form Factor (SFF) committee as SFF-TA-1026
  • Are recommended by the Open Compute Project (OCP) and included in the Modular – Extensible I/O (M-XIO) specification as part of the next-generation OCP Data Center – Modular Hardware Systems (DC-MHS) family.
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Thermal Management: Think Smarter

Keep Cool, Control Costs, Clock Exceptional Speeds

Need forward-thinking thermal solutions that meet next-gen pluggable IO thermal requirements right this minute? Attend live demonstrations to explore Molex’s latest innovations at DesignCon Booth #739.  

Our advanced offerings facilitate air-cooled architectures while controlling overall expense— eliminating the need for potentially pricier liquid cooling. Designed for today’s 112G IO requirements and beyond, these leading-edge options enable thermal improvement of +5oC over traditional heatsinks and 30W+ of air-cooled efficiency … without increasing fan speed/power. Sound smart? Our customers think so, too.

Empowering You to Excel

Put Modularity to Work for Maximum Performance

Fitting more components in the same server rack while attaining ever-higher speeds and feeds? Sounds like an impossible feat—but not when you’ve got the right connections. At Molex, we’ve found that enabling all-important power distribution to the rack is often easier with a modular approach.

Our PowerPlane Busbar Power Connectors and Cable Assemblies enhance interoperability—for faster next-gen upgrades and consistent high-current performance. Stop by DesignCon Booth #739 for real-time, real-world insights that help you optimize installation and maintenance efficiency.

RF Microwave Solutions = Maximum Performance

Test and Measurement That Goes the Extra Mile

Digital advances in data analytics, machine learning (ML) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are spurring cutting-edge machinery innovations in robotics, aeronautics and more—and with this level of speed and complexity, there’s no room for testing errors in real time. That’s why Molex offers a complete line of high-performance RF cable assemblies, adapters and components for all your test and measurement needs. These versatile solutions are made with low-density PTFE to deliver propagation velocities of 76%, outstanding phase and amplitude stability, and dependable performance at up to 110 GHz speeds. Visit us at DesignCon Booth #739 for tailored recommendations.   

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