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The Data Center on Wheels

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We asked 500+ key industry players about what it takes to build and deliver next-generation vehicle architecture requiring software, connectivity, cloud and edge computing capabilities — essentially a data center on wheels. Results were revealing, spanning design needs including capabilities and partners, major issues and industry shifts that will need to be overcome to truly bring these new, game-changing vehicles to the commercial market.

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The C.A.S.E. for the Reimagined Future

From a connected home on wheels enabling unprecedented data flow and car sharing to an evolutionary shift from combustion engines to fully electric, eventually self-driving cars – the automobile consumers have come to know is a thing of the past. And with change accelerating at an unprecedented rate, Molex is committed to providing insights to help our customers and partners stay ahead of the curve with original research and insight that drive compelling and informed decision making.

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Mobile Devices

High Speed Device-to-Device Contactless Connectivity

As mobile and consumer products become smaller, thinner and sleeker and more powerful, there is a growing need to streamline device-to-device communications. Equally important is simplifying communications within the mobile device, such as enabling increasing data transmission from the display, camera and other key modules without physical cables or connectors. Simplification of it all is critical to both data transmission speed, cost and performance.

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Data Center

Power and Data Matter

Within a decade or so, nearly all cars and trucks will be technologically unrecognizable when compared to their predecessors, and two of the most significant challenges from a design standpoint are in the areas of DC power and high-speed data that must flow in real-time through the cloud and edge environments. So, what are the key considerations the electric and autonomous designers must take into account to ensure proper functionality, performance and competitive capability in their supporting data centers given their complexity?

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Game Changing Detection Achieved Through Collaboration


Seamless teamwork between SOTECH Health and Phillips-Medisize expedited the product design and development process to build a breath test solution that screens for COVID, providing a result in 30 seconds.

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Helping to bring cancer screening home

Exact Sciences

Learn how Phillips-Medisize helped Exact Sciences enable more than six million Americans to test for colorectal cancer at home.

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Digital Transformation

Connecting People to Value: Winning the Transformation Game

Through our digital transformation, Molex is on the journey to create an operating model to enable optimal agility, promote company-wide collaboration and expedite product development.

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Technology Paving the Way

Trust Molex to provide the cross-functional expertise and an exceptional portfolio of high quality, reliable solutions essential to powering next-generation technology.

Next-Generation EV Architecture

Collaboration is key in developing future-facing electric vehicle (EV) architecture that meets ever-evolving consumer demands. Molex has developed innovative micro interconnect solutions by applying world-class design and manufacturing capabilities along with decades of experience in both the automotive and mobile device industries. This means the next-generation electric powertrain motor control units, electronic control units and battery management systems are empowered with the latest innovative thought and design.

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Automotive Applications Play Book


Floating Board-to-Board Connectors for EVs

As demand for hybrid and electric vehicles grows exponentially, suppliers need to source reliable high-power micro-interconnects. Molex’s high-power floating board-to-board connectors provide reliable connectivity, offers the dielectric strength and insulation resistance required by the automotive industry while maintaining a small package to mitigate space constraints.

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User Interface Solutions

From automotive to non-automotive transportation vehicles, Molex provides in-cabin user interface and indication solutions for your vehicle. Whether engaging in tactile controls or the next generation of capacitive touch for center stack and accessory controls Molex’s global engineering and manufacturing can provide a range of custom and unique solutions for design challenges of today and tomorrow.

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Touch Foil Technology Enhances In-Vehicle Experience Application Brief

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