The Time is Right to Accelerate Vehicle Electrification

The move to electrification is so much more complex than a transition to electric engines — it’s the catalyst for today’s exciting paradigm shift in vehicle architecture and driver experience. But as vehicles become computers on wheels, the need for innovation, software and electronics expertise increases. So, what are the top trends and roadblocks impacting innovation in vehicle electrification?

To find out, we asked stakeholders employed by automotive companies and suppliers what they are doing to accelerate innovation in an industry that is on the cusp of an electrification revolution.

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A Range of Industry Voices on Electrification

Molex surveyed 204 qualified global participants working at automotive companies, Tier 1 or 2 suppliers, as well as charging station providers in various roles, spanning R&D, engineering, product, innovation, strategy, manufacturing and supply chain. See where vehicle electrification is going, from all of these varying perspectives.

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Key Findings: Successes, Challenges, and Collaboration

Every survey respondent (100%) agreed that vehicles can benefit from electrification innovation and most (98%) are seeing some success; but they indicate that navigating the new world of electrification continues to be a winding road.

Respondents identify key obstacles as legacy thinking, leadership and specific challenges (design, range, charging). Most agree zonal architecture is the future, and collaboration will be required to drive innovation.

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What it Takes to ‘Win’ in the Unstoppable Electrification Race

It’s too early to place bets on the ultimate winners of the great vehicle electrification race, but the best odds are on automakers and suppliers that embrace disruption and empower innovation to fulfill customer expectations. The accelerated pace of invention and transformation across the entire electrified vehicle (EV) ecosystem is creating countless opportunities and obstacles.

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Advanced Connectivity for EV Battery Modules

Staying ahead of innovations in electric car batteries is key to designing for today’s electrification needs. Molex’s Volfinity Cell Contacting System brings needed technical advancements with a reliable, easy-to-implement interface solution that connects cells to the control board in an electric vehicle battery module. By eliminating the need for daisy-chained wires via an FPC connection provided by Molex — organizations can rely on a one-stop shop for interconnectivity.

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Next-Generation EV Architecture

Collaboration is key in developing future-facing EV architecture that meets ever-evolving consumer demands. Molex has developed innovative micro interconnect solutions by applying world-class design and manufacturing capabilities along with decades of experience in both the automotive and mobile device industries. This means the next-generation electric powertrain motor control units, electronic control units and battery management systems are empowered with the latest innovative thought and design.

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