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Digital Tech in a New Era of Drug Delivery

This is truly a time to be optimistic about digital drug delivery. Our new research uncovers its many opportunities — but also illuminates some of the challenges that have surfaced with this new technology.

As an enabler of healthcare digital transformation, Molex is committed to helping pharmaceutical companies understand these trends, so they can navigate their own way to growth in this emergent area.

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Survey Results

Digital Drug Delivery and the Future of Pharma

Where does digital drug delivery stand today? We interviewed 215 qualified professionals at pharmaceutical companies of all sizes in different parts of the world to find out.

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Digital Drug Delivery is Important to Future Plans

88% of respondents believe digital drug delivery is either extremely or very important to their company’s future plans.

In fact, a third are already in the market with some form of:

  • Smart injectors or inhalers
  • Digital pills, or pill bottles that track usage
  • Infusion pumps that interface with a diagnostic device
  • Connected delivery devices that record/share data
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Factors Driving Digital Drug Delivery

There are a host of factors driving pharma’s interest or investment in digital drug delivery solutions, led by improved patient engagement, competitive advantage and ability to demonstrate better patient outcomes.

About that last point — 67% of those surveyed believe new delivery tech will either dramatically or notably improve patient outcomes.

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Digital Drug Delivery’s Business Benefits

Stakeholders expect many benefits from digital drug delivery. Topping the list was reduced overall costs of treatment through increased adherence to drug schedules (60%). Improved efficiency by targeting labor-intensive behavioral support (54%), and more efficient and scalable means of providing patient support (53%) rounded out the top three responses.

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Need a Partner to Deliver on Digital Drug Delivery?

99% of our survey’s respondents said that their company will need external expertise in this critical endeavor, including safe and reliable production of devices, networking and connectivity, and data privacy and security help.

Molex is a recognized market leader in providing solutions for digital drug delivery devices. Working alongside our pharmaceutical partners, we are transforming the future and improving lives.

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