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Advanced Medical Innovation, Design and Production

The future is rich with potential for medical technology — and a better, connected patient experience is at the center of it. Improving lives by bringing more advanced care closer to home is not only possible but emerging rapidly.

For decades, Phillips-Medisize, a Molex company, has been laser focused on contract design and manufacturing of products in highly regulated industries such as MedTech, where precision, reliability and quality are critical.

Fortifying Healthcare Innovation from the Frontlines

Investing in the future of healthcare is a major driving force at Phillips-Medisize, Molex Medical and Pharmaceutical Solutions as well as parent company, Koch Industries. Tapping into incredible stores of knowledge, decades of expertise and longstanding trusted relationships results in continually innovative solutions that transform people’s lives.

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Digital Drug Delivery and the Future of Pharma

Where does digital drug delivery stand today? We interviewed 215 qualified professionals at pharmaceutical companies to find out. One notable finding: 88% of respondents believe digital drug delivery is either extremely or very important to their company’s future plans. In fact, one-third are already in market with some form of device.

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Digital Drug Delivery by the Numbers

Get a quick, highly visual overview of the findings from our recent survey of pharmaceutical professionals – their market timing, expectations, challenges, and predictions for areas of the most beneficial therapeutic focus.

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MedTech Brings Advanced Care Home

The future of healthcare is connected — and capabilities such as diagnostics, therapeutics and monitoring are merging and leveraging innovations from other industries at a rapid rate. This is where Molex excels, with high-performance interconnects, medical cable assemblies and a long track record of extending advanced technology from one industry to another, which enables everything from unprecedented speed and quality to heightened levels of performance as well from data centers to surgical robotics. Breakthroughs in connectivity drive powerful possibilities in the world of healthcare.

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Need a Partner to Deliver on Connected Health?

Molex is a recognized market leader, providing not only world-class design and manufacturing capabilities across a global footprint, but also connected health platforms to support sustainable solutions for the future of healthcare. We collaborate closely to deliver breakthrough healthcare solutions and services that transform the patient experience to improve lives.

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