Key Trends in Appliance Design: Challenges and Opportunities

Home appliances can no longer simply deliver on their basic promises of cooking food and washing clothes. Instead, ovens are monitoring contents with Wi-Fi-compatible cameras and stovetops are notifying owners of fire risks. From innovations in materials and technologies like Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) to evolving regulatory requirements, here’s how these new consumer expectations should be influencing your design process.

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Smart Designs Need Even Smarter Solutions

Working on a home appliance application? We’re here to help—from design to final assembly. Our Glow Wire connector portfolio and Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) solutions enable safe, reliable and cutting-edge home appliance designs. And our extensive engineering team is ready to support you from the earliest stage of your product design.

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It Begins with Glow Wire Testing

Being a component within an appliance isn’t an easy life. High heat and risk of overload can significantly shorten a component’s lifespan and introduce risk of fire. Successful Glow Wire testing ensures a connector or other component can withstand such a harsh environment and provide safety to the consumer. Watch the video to learn more about Glow Wire testing or browse our interactive Glow Wire connector portfolio.

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PEDOT Pushes All the Right Buttons

Modern consumer appliances are characterized by their diversity in shapes, sizes, and functionality, revealing the limitations of traditional capacitive touch switches constructed utilizing Indium Tin Oxide (ITO). Discover how Polystyrene Sulfonate (PEDOT) has emerged as an innovative solution to capacitive touch control, providing the durability, flexibility, and cost efficiency necessary to meet the streamlined shapes and specialized capabilities of today’s home appliances. 

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Molex Webinar Series

Get ready for a home appliance webinar series through March. From HMI solutions to appliance and connector solutions to trends for new platforms, we have you covered with what you need to know to stay ahead in our industry. Register now to secure your seat for the next webinar or stream on-demand:

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  • March 28: Solutions to Support New Appliance Platform Demands
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Embracing the Opportunities of Smart Appliances

Originally designed for high-end appliances, smart sensors are increasingly integrated into mid-range models and countertop devices. But smart appliances are no longer relegated to the kitchen and laundry room. How is smart functionality improving washers, refrigerators, and microwaves? What’s next for water heaters and HVAC systems?  

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