Diagnostic Wearables: The Future of Medical Monitoring

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Diagnostic wearable devices enable individuals and medical providers alike to track and understand health status by providing real-time data. But ease of use, affordability and wide market availability will make or break wearables’ success.

Molex and Avnet surveyed 600+ design engineering stakeholders in the diagnostic wearables space to find out the biggest market drivers, trends and barriers impacting the development of this transformative technology.

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The Road to Connected Healthcare

Better, faster, more accessible healthcare will mean healthier people and a stronger, safer world overall. Thanks to innovative technology and design engineering, that future is closer to reality than ever before.

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Big Auto Safety Improvements from Small Sensors

Automotive safety has come a long way from the invention of the seatbelt. New sensors and compute capabilities are ushering in advanced protections for everyone—drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists alike. Learn more about the new emerging vehicle sensing technology that is transforming vehicles and saving lives.

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Mobile Devices

Enabling the Latest Consumer Devices

The mobile design landscape is a constant race toward smaller, faster and smarter devices. As devices improve, our daily lives and our ability to connect with each other  improves as well. Learn how the latest consumer devices are enabled with Molex’s powerful customer collaboration in the area of groundbreaking micro connectors.

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Data Center

Increasing Speed and Performance to Improve Lives

Behind nearly every modern business operation and transaction is a data center powering multiple servers and applications. The speed and performance of these data centers has never been more critical and or impactful to our lives.

Learn how leveraging innovations in copper and optics delivers maximum efficiency, density and incredible speed.

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Powering Smart Agriculture to Improve Food Security

Technological advancements in the agricultural sector have been vital to the betterment of society throughout history. Just as innovations like the triangular plough helped keep city workers fed during the Industrial Revolution, new smart farming technologies utilizing innovative RF solutions are making significant leaps in improving food security today.

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Industry 4.0

Evolving Factories Without Sacrificing Safety

Factories continue to automate and digitize, but people remain a vital part of their operations. Those interacting with robots or machines often work alongside large, heavy, fast-moving equipment that’s operated remotely. Ensuring their safety is essential.

As a recognized Industrial Communication Competence Center, Molex focuses on functional safety as a key part of our Industry 4.0 portfolio.

Our solutions find common languages that allow diverse technologies to talk to each other, helping machines sense people and avoid danger and reducing costly mechanical barriers. The result is higher quality, efficiency, and  most importantly, the assured safety of workers.

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Navigating the Future with Engineering Expertise

Engineers work to drive tomorrow’s life-changing innovations—advancing technology to make cutting-edge capabilities a reality—which makes them the lifeblood of a technology company. To ensure we drive continued advancement in the interconnect space, Molex constantly strengthens our engineering prowess and expertise at all levels,

Our engineers are encouraged to approach challenges with a problem-solving mindset and collaborate with each other and with customers to leverage combined experiences and viewpoints. The result? A seamless experience for the customer and groundbreaking products that improve lives.

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High-Speed FAKRA Mini Coaxial Cable Solutions

As the automotive market develops more complex ecosystems with tighter space requirements, customers will require multiple coaxial cable types to maximize electrical performance. The high-Speed FAKRA Mini (HFM) Coaxial Cable solution delivers 20 GHz of data speed for the connected vehicle, supporting any modern radar, camera, LiDAR or sensor applications.

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Quad-Row Board-to-Board Connectors

Meet the world’s smallest board-to-board connector, ideally suited for space-constrained smartphones, smartwatches, wearables, AR/VR devices and more. Quad-Row’s innovative staggered-circuit layout offers 30% space savings over its predecessors, offering more room for fast advancing functionality.

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Medical Technology with Phillips-Medsize

Phillips-Medize, a Molex company, has worked alongside leading medical technology providers for more than 60 years, helping them to bring next-generation devices to market faster with high-performance, customized interconnect solutions. Ensure performance, quality, and reliability in advanced technology like automatic external defibrillators, robotic surgery, drug delivery wearables, and more.

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Learn About CDMO End-to-End Capabilities

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