Industrial Automation Solutions 4.0

IAS4.0 is built to facilitate the transition from the traditional  automation solutions to an architecture that can enable digital manufacturing.

IAS4.0 is an end-to-end solution from a sensor to a complex device, to an edge, to a service on a cloud comprising of multiple platforms and technologies.

Flexibility, Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Anything as a Service, and Shorter Time to Market are the basic requirements of any digital transformation and are the cornerstones of Molex IAS4.0.


Machine builders, robot manufacturers, line builders, and system integrators are looking for maximum flexibility when designing and deploying automation systems. For our customers flexibility means reconfigurability, modularity and interoperability which paves the path for flexible lines and line-ups.

Remote programming and configuration is they key for reconfigurable machines and robots as well as flexible lines which comes with the IAS4.0 Automation Suite. This multi-tenant cloud-based solution is used to engineer automation solutions.

IAS4.0 uses OPC-UA and TSN as the ultimate solution for real-time communications between machines and controllers and robots.

Lower TCO (total cost of ownership)

Industrial Automation and process-control manufacturers are faced with never ending global competitive and economic pressures and are constantly challenged to keep costs low while still reaping the benefits of innovative technologies, enabling digital manufacturing.

The core of IAS4.0 is a Flexible Automation Module – FAM, a safe and secure device which can run pre-certified or custom developed Apps. It also acts as the entry point for further IAS4.0 offerings. FAM is a software defined device that can manage what required multiple components before and therefore significantly lowers TCO and improves ROI.

Shorter Time to Market

Decrease time to market to remain competitive is one of the major challenges of our customers. Line builders, system integrators and complex machines builders are looking for solutions and technologies that allows them to design, build and implement flexible solutions in shorter timeframes.

These requirements can only be addressed by re-thinking traditional automation systems. With IAS4.0, we are building an open system architecture that is scalable, modular and provides a true reusability.

The platform offers pre-certified apps and libraries to use and support for safety and security certification which all contribute to a faster development and shorter time to market.

Emerging Business Models (XaaS)

The Evolution of todays automation systems to an internet enabled digital  manufacturing system will allow our customers to focus on their core business and expertise. A highly connected, intelligent environment with connected machines or robots that communicate with each other and transfer information to the cloud/enterprise level.

In such an environment, end users would prefer to use robots and machines as a service, a business model that demands connectivity and services to support it. IAS4.0 enables industrial automation supply chain to offer their products and solutions as a service to their customers.


The increasing complexity of the traditional Automation systems is one of the major challenges for manufacturers and end users.

The concept of IAS4.0 is based on the idea of truly simplifying automated processes by providing a simple and consistent user experience and providing information models from a sensor to an enterprise service. A bundle of applications and tools facilitate every aspect of application development – from the functional safety and security lifecycle to system integration to certification, following a SaaS model.

Zero Downtime

Competitive digital manufacturing demands zero-downtime solutions and our customers in the industrial automation supply chain are thriving to achieve this goal.

With IAS4.0 we offer a bundle of services that can detect abnormalities and react before they cause failures. Advanced features like analytics and artificial intelligence enables effective and proactive maintenances which in turn contributes to a zero-downtime solution. 

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