Mastering Miniaturization Innovation: 7 Expert Perspectives

From the phone in your pocket to the factory machines that assembled it, one trend is clear: technology continues to pack greater functionality into increasingly smaller spaces.

Design engineers in every sector are faced with the challenges of creating slimmer, smaller, and lighter components for their electronic applications without sacrificing performance or longevity.

To find out how they’re achieving this goal and the impact of miniaturization on different markets, Molex interviewed seven experts representing multiple key industries.

The Mastering Miniaturization Innovation: 7 Expert Perspectives report shares their observations, insights, and predictions.

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Unleashing the Power of Connected Cars

Whether traditional, hybrid, or Electric Vehicle, new cars are all but expected to be equipped with advanced electronic capabilities both for function and entertainment.

While these features are desirable for safety and convenience, they must all rely on sensors and equipment throughout the vehicle. Automotive designers must harness the power of miniaturization to keep systems fast, but not furious.

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Bearing Up Under Miniaturization: The Connector Conundrum

As devices shrink in virtually every industry, one aspect of design that plays a huge role in smaller assemblies is the use of electrical connectors.

In our latest blog, we look at the challenges involved in miniaturizing connectors including thermal management, signal loss, manufacturing hurdles and more.

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5G: As Wavelengths Get Smaller, so Must the Devices

5G deployments are steadily increasing in operational frequency, bringing about design challenges that can only be solved with smaller, more specialized components.

Delve into some of these challenges and and explore how designers are meeting them head-on with inventive miniaturization.

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How Smart Thinking Made a Smartwatch Smarter

What do you do when you’re a leading smartwatch manufacturer wanting to add more features to your next device, but you simply run out of room? You turn to innovation.

Learn how Molex worked with the smartwatch manufacturer, their Flexible Printed Circuits provider and their contract manufacturer to develop the industry’s first staggered-circuit layout for a micro connector. Sneak peek: they were able to save up to 30% of space compared to conventional designs.

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Solving the Challenges of Miniaturized Medical Devices

The popularity of health-and-wellness monitoring devices for step counting, sleep quality, heartrate and more has ushered in a movement for equally convenient medical-grade wearables.

Smaller, less obtrusive medical technology allows patients to better manage their own care, breaks down patient-clinician barriers, and informs better diagnostics and treatment decisions.

But getting miniaturization right when patient health is on the line presents complex design challenges. Here’s how experts are treating them.

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Design Engineers Weigh in On the Future of Diagnostic Wearables

Where do we stand with diagnostic wearable design now, and where do the experts think it’s going?

This blog breaks down the key responses and findings from a survey of 600 design engineers building medical monitoring solutions and explores common challenges, strongest tech advocates, areas of opportunity for disruption, and more.

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Miniaturization by MIM

Although electronic components may receive all of the attention, mechanical parts need to shrink right alongside them.

Enter metal injection molding, otherwise known as MIM. Learn how this single-mold process can deliver superior end products resulting in excellent surface finish, superior corrosion resistance and high strength: all while remaining timely and cost-effective.

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Technology Paving the Way: Miniaturization Redefines Innovation

Trust Molex to provide the cross-functional expertise and an exceptional portfolio of high quality, reliable solutions essential to powering next-generation technology – however small it may be.

Quad-Row Board-to-Board Connectors

The world’s smallest board-to-board connectors, featuring staggered-circuit layout for 30% space savings to support smartphones, smartwatches, wearables, game consoles and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) devices.

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Next-Generation Vehicle Architectures

Molex is driving development of solutions for zonal architectures, which replace traditional wiring harnesses with zonal gateways that group vehicle functions by location using fewer, smaller and more powerful and ruggedized connectors.

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Flex-to-Board RF mmWave 5G25 Connectors

Micro-connectors combine compact size and superior signal integrity to deliver a step-change in performance to meet demanding 5G mmWave applications up to 25 GHz.

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NearStack On-the-Substrate (OTS)

A direct-to-chip solution places NearStack connectors directly on the chip substrate package, enabling high-density interconnects supporting 112 Gbps transmission over longer distances.

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