Trend – Collaboration with Open Platforms

Molex Director of Data Center Sales, Ryan Wade, was interviewed by Open Compute Project Foundation’s Laura Noland. They discussed Molex’s presence at the OCP Virtual Summit and other important topics of mutual interest.

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Collaboration with Open Platforms

Molex continues to showcase examples of OCP’s Open standards in an effort in bringing a diverse set of Compute Accelerators to the Data Center.

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Multi-Vendor Co-packaging Platform Partnership

Molex has collaborated with Rockley, Accton, and other leading industry companies to develop this 25.6T OptoASIC Switch system co-packaged with Rockley’s LightDriver™ Optical Engine and Copper Cable attached 400G Modules.

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Reducing Channel Loss Through Cable-based Links

The Molex NearStack product line is a family of solutions for high-speed internal & external cabling. NearStack enables our customers to take advantage of the performance benefits of twinax cable compared to traditional PCB traces. Utilizing a laser-weld termination between the twinax and the signal contact structure, NearStack eliminates the paddlecard component present in legacy designs, thereby improving signal integrity and manufacturing efficiencies. The NearStack family has been proliferated to a full topology of products meeting a wide variety of customer architectures and SI requirements.

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Evolving Architecture to Support Edge-Compute Environments

The Open19 based solution that Packet is working to release leverages the blind mate connectivity in the rear of the rack to provide a consistent, cost effective delivery method for compute across both public and edge cloud locations. The hybrid cable leverages Open19 based bricks while allowing Packet to deploy standard switches available in the market today making this interpretation easier to adopt for customers that want to utilize their preferred switch.

Open19 Project

Extending Reach Through Active Cabling

Molex continues to collaborate with industry-leading technology companies like Cisco and IXIA to deliver Future-Ready solutions – today.

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Molex Data Center Solutions

At Molex, we take a multidimensional, consultative approach to help you meet and exceed 112 Gbps speed requirements and plan for next generation demands. With reliable technologies that are backed by Molex performance and quality, our global team of experts will work with you at every step to develop a comprehensive solution that works within your current infrastructure.

About Us

Data centers need fast, reliable, seamless connectivity to meet the growing demands of 5G, edge computing and multicloud computing. With Molex’s exceptional knowledge and experience as a technology leader who helps set industry standards, we deliver quality, reliability and repeatability to our valued customers.

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About Us

Molex is a globally recognized provider of electronic solutions in a wide range of industries, including data communications, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, commercial vehicle and medical.

Through our collaborative process, we take a multi-dimensional approach that brings together engineers, product designers and manufacturing to ensure the design cycle is smooth and seamless.

With more than 75 years of experience, we lead the industry in R&D investment, striving to develop and deliver innovative, high-quality, reliable solutions that can be customized to meet your needs.

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