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Single Pair Ethernet Technology

The new standardized Ethernet platform has received support and investment from a wide range of industry leaders via the SPE Industrial Partner Network, a consortium of over 50 networking companies. As a premium member of the ecosystem, Molex has helped develop SPE with an eye on widespread adoption.

Product Overview

Industrial Automation

Consumer Goods, including Food & Beverage processing, packaging and consumable packaged goods manufacturing plants all present similarly challenging environments requiring harsh-duty industrial communications, connectivity, power and control products. 

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Industrial Automation

Key drivers on the plant floor include demand for increased productivity and reliability, in addition to machine designs that are safe for workers and product. Increasingly, consumers are also concerned to know that a manufacturer’s practices promote sustainability and social responsibility.

Molex network expertise and IP67 rated products for industrial automation are mission-critical to connect all machine functionality on a food and beverage plant floor—from packaging and bottling to processing equipment. By providing advanced components with zero defect product quality, we can help customers lower maintenance, repair and operating costs.

Brad industrial communications products enable machines and devices to communicate with each other using a variety of protocols, such as DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, and Profibus/ProfiNet, while our connectivity and power products connect signal and power to controllers, devices, and motors.

The result, as a Molex industrial and other manufacturing customer you can meet vigorous production, efficiency and quality standards, so you can bring product to consumers faster and more competitively.

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Salvagnini Case Study

Value Achieved Through Collaboration

Molex collaborates with global sheet metal manufacturer, Salvagnini, to realize Industry 4.0 potential. Customized Ethernet solutions enable seamless, efficient interconnectivity to the factory floor.

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Industry 4.0

Real-world Experiences and Opinions

As a leader in connectivity solutions, Molex surveyed companies enabling Industry 4.0 capabilities. Our findings will give manufacturers — of all kinds — a true appreciation of where industry is headed in this revolution.

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