Where is 5G heading (and how fast will it get there)?

The pace of 5G advancement requires companies to spare no effort in staying current with critical changes. Better yet, they should aim to be at the forefront of change if they want to be successful.

As a leader in 5G, Molex is committed to helping technology executives across all impacted industries – from telecom to mobile devices and connected mobility and IIoT – to understand the overall pace of change so that they can use it to their advantage.

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Carriers and the State of 5G

We interviewed 207 qualified participants responsible for 5G in R&D, engineering, and product roles at network carriers. Their answers were eye-opening.

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Carriers Have Some Catch-Up To Do

Almost half (46%) of carriers surveyed finished 2020 behind their plans. COVID-19 was a big culprit, with 54% advising the pandemic delayed their 5G deployment efforts. The good news? The pandemic is anticipated to have less of an effect (39%) on their future roadmap.

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100% Face Issues With 5G

But they may not be what you expect…

Spectrum issues are most often cited as challenges — and by the widest margin. Lack of consumer/end-customer use cases and regulation impediments based on geography are numbers two and three. High capital requirements (28%) is fourth, but also the number #1 thing that has to change for carriers to meet 5G business goals.

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Consumers will lead the revenue charge

When asked which 5G application would be the first to generate significant new business revenue, consumer devices led the way (43%). IIoT (35%) and fixed wireless access (33%) came next. Curious what came last on the list? Medical devices (19%).

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Looking for a 5G leader to break new ground?

Designing 5G capabilities into a device not only involves selecting the most appropriate 5G components, but also requires proficiency in properly incorporating sensitive RF antennas. Molex is unique in that it offers expertise in both areas. For carriers that are re-designing their networks, converting switches, or upgrading and deploying new cell sites, Molex can help you stay ahead of the 5G curve.

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The State of 5G

Where is 5G heading and how fast will it get there.

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Designing for the Future of 5G

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5G Testing Technologies – Precision and Optimization Realized

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