Enabling High-Quality Vehicle Connectivity

Telematics Control Unit (TCU) Antenna Fusion

Vehicles are becoming ever more connected to the digital environment. As automotive designers develop ways to transmit big data, vehicle antennas become even more critical than they already are. This leads to two critical needs for the vehicle of the future: seamless connectivity that shares high-volume data both inside and outside the car and a clean design that makes antenna technology invisible to the end user.

Molex has applied its expertise with antennas and TCUs to meet both needs. The Molex TCU Antenna Fusion device delivers cutting-edge data transmission while retaining cars’ sleek, aerodynamic designs by implementing a high-performance antenna that’s hidden.

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Meeting Data Needs, Maintaining Aerodynamics

Molex TCU Antenna Fusion ensures efficient connectivity that is crucial for the ultra-high data transmission of smart cars, especially as technology moves to 5G mmWave solutions. This innovation creates additional value by delivering strong RF-measurements results. And because the telematic unit is positioned below the hidden antenna and reduces cable lengths throughout the vehicle, the Molex TCU Antenna Fusion both decreases manufacturing costs with a smaller bill of material and eases environmental impact through weight reduction and improved aerodynamics.

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Meeting Data Needs, Maintaining Aerodynamics

Meeting 5G Head On

Molex TCU Antenna Fusion improves RF performance by integrating more antennas distributed under the roof. The result is a solution that is 5G-optimized — which is fundamental for the intelligent car of the future to execute V2V as well as other V2X capabilities (i.e., vehicle-to-infrastructure, vehicle-to-pedestrians and vehicle-to-network).

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The Molex Advantage

Molex is committed to the advancement of the automotive industry by developing innovative solutions that meet the rising demand for automated vehicles. As a reliable, leading supplier for shark fin antennas in the automotive OEM and telematics markets, the Molex TCU Antenna Fusion is a natural evolution of our expertise in telematics/antenna development, along with our cellular background and strong automotive industry knowledge. The TCU Antenna Fusion is in development and currently being rolled out to select OEMs in the automotive market.

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