Evolving Your Data Center: Why There is No Time to Waste

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Existing data centers are facing an unprecedented demand for storage and the need to handle large amounts of data. Data center storage requirements are increasing by more than 50 percent annually, according to IDC, with digital information projected to increase to 163 zettabytes by 2025. What factors are driving growing needs? There are several key contributors to this growth, including a wave of transitions to cloud storage, open systems, edge computing, machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence

Recently two Molex colleagues shared their perspective on how data centers are evolving and how enterprises can stay ahead of the changes. The key areas they looked at include challenges of growing data management, a shift to hyperscale data centers, how future-ready data centers will be powered and finally how your organization can transition existing data centers. Here are a couple of highlights.

 Why the shift to hyperscale architecture?

Many “traditional” data center networks are challenged with meeting the low latency needs required to support accelerated cloud computing. Because of these needs as well as others, hyperscale data centers are becoming become the preferred option. Hyperscale is primarily about scalability and resource optimization rather than size. Advantages hyperscale data centers include:

  • Modularity in terms of design, construction and performance
  • Reliability, functionality and a yield greater than the sum of its parts
  • The ability to automate
  • Economies of scale, such as lowering the cost per port, whether for a new build of a 35MW system or adding 1MW to an existing data center

 Rethinking the data center

As organizations look at upgrading their data centers, it is imperative to keep scalability at the center of any discussions. What does this exactly mean? First, this requires design-based thinking and approaches that take a big picture and long-term view of energy consumption, data storage, management and delivery needs across the business, industrial and consumer spectrums. Next, cost-effectively integrating and enhancing scalability depends on the ability to build it on products and technology platforms that can be mixed, matched, rearranged and reused to meet constantly evolving needs.

Building a Future-Ready Data Center

What do we see as we look ahead? An impressive array of data center infrastructure solutions designed to address expanding hyperscale requirements for higher bandwidth and power. Next-generation solutions leveraging copper and optics deliver high signal integrity, lower latency and lower insertion loss for maximum efficiency, speed and density. Addressing expanding hyperscale requirements including higher bandwidth and increasing data rates, Molex Data Center Solutions provide reliable, customizable solutions to meet tomorrow’s needs.

To learn more about scalability and evolving your data center, explore the article “What Does a Future-Ready Data Center Look Like?” from my Molex colleagues Lauren Straub and John Berryman. See the full article in the January / February 2020 issue of Mission Critical Magazine.