Five Reasons to Replace SMT Mezzanine Connectors with the NeoPress* High-Speed System

Whether you work with high-density telecommunications and networking devices, industrial automation or medical applications, you can take advantage of NeoPress High-Speed Mezzanine System’s flexible modular design and compliant pin technology. Below are five benefits you can implement within your design:

  1. Three triad options with patent-pending triad wafer design, enabling system architects to use only one connector for different signal speeds and power requirements and freeing up space on the PCB:
    • High-speed differential pairs that can be tuned to 85- to 100Ohm impedances
    • Single-ended triads for low-speed options
    • Power triads
  2. Cost effectiveness with a hermaphroditic interface
    • Same contact system on the plug and receptacle
  3. Press-fit option eliminates the need for solder-and-reflow process, enabling the reuse of PCBs
    • Especially important when expensive components are used on the motherboard and a mezzanine connector needs to be upgraded with other options
  4. Signal integrity performance
    • Capable of up to 32 Gbps
    • Roadmap to 56 Gbps
  5. Design flexibility with a dense mechanical envelope
    • 10 to 50.00mm mated stack heights
    • Configurations ranging from 2 by 4 to 10 by 30

More about the NeoPress* High-Speed Mezzanine System

Press and Go: Compliant Pin Convenience and High-Speed Performance
NeoPress™ Plugs and Receptacles are attached to boards with compliant pins while offering up to 32 Gbps (with a roadmap to 56 Gbps) and low stack heights. A telecommunications OEM recently replaced SMT connectors on a router with the NeoPress Connector System.  Because NeoPress compliant pins are attached to printed circuit boards (PCBs) with a manual insertion tool, making pick-and-place machines and reflow ovens unnecessary, the OEM experienced significant savings in both infrastructure investment and labor as a result. And yet NeoPress performance and small package meet that of the SMT connector it replaced.

Making it possible to rework PCBs
Designers often need to make changes to PCBs when testing and verifying different module configurations. However, SMT connectors are permanently affixed to boards, making rework virtually impossible. Additionally, when an SMT termination fails, attempting to reattach it can be labor intensive and might not fix the problem.  

Because PCBs are expensive, the NeoPress High-Speed Mezzanine System offers potential cost and time savings with its compliant-pin termination. This enables designers to rework PCBs when necessary, without having to sacrifice signal integrity.

To learn more about the NeoPress High-Speed Mezzanine System, download the NeoPress datasheet on

*NeoPress is a trademark of Molex, LLC in the United States and may be registered in certain jurisdictions.