Focus on Customizability with an FFC

Think of a typical morning: you read the morning news on your tablet, and on the drive to the manufacturing plant, you pick a song on your car’s LCD control panel. Once at the plant, you print the latest production reports and walk through the plant to check on the progress with your new collaborative robot. The tablet, the car display, the printer and the robot all employ some kind of Flat Flexible Cable Connection (FFC).

FFCs are just what their name implies: they are flat, flexible, and they bridge the gap between two cables. What makes the Molex Premo-Flex cable jumpers and assemblies exceptional is the ability to customize any configuration. In addition, Premo-Flex cables match to one of over 10,000 different cables meeting the solution need to customize a standard cable to a unique circuit size, length, or shielding requirement. To service such a wide array of markets—including medical, consumer, industrial, automotive, and datacom—Premo-Flex must offer a wide array of standard and custom product.

Molex Premo-Flex low-voltage differential signal (LVDS) cables are designed to deliver robust and superior signal integrity performance over long distances and control impedance to 100 Ohms. This makes LVDS cables ideal for applications such as large displays and high-definition TVs. Whether the application requires a 2” or 24” standard LVDS cable, they deliver higher data speeds than standard FFC. Finally, our LVDS line can also be customized to meet customers intricate applications.

What if Premo-Flex does not currently offer a cable that fits your unique solution? Molex will accept this challenge and take the opportunity to work with you and design a custom configuration. Do you need to cut costs or work within small space constraints? Then a custom Round Flat Cable (RFC) may be required. These cables deliver superior signal integrity, are resistant to vibration and bending, and are ideal for applications where designers need to create cost savings by eliminating the need for connectors or wire stripping.

And if you STILL can’t find a solution for your unique application? It may be time to explore the Premo-Flex site on to learn more about custom solutions such as Hot Bar Soldering Cable Jumpers, painted or foil shielding, and insulation options such as polyester, aramid, and polyimide. Explore pitch sizes from 0.3mm to 2.54mm and custom cable lengths and circuit counts to design a cable as unique as your solution.

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