Great For Commercial Vehicle Applications, XRC™ is an Economical Drop-In Replacement


XRC ( Extra Rugged Circular) Sealed Plugs and Receptacles go into harsh environments almost anywhere there is extreme vibration or any exposure to volatile liquids such as gasoline, hydraulic fluid or even water.  With an IP67 rating, XRC is a perfect fit for commercial vehicle applications like agricultural equipment, tractors, tractor trailers and even marine vehicles since it can help protect against saltwater. 

The bayonet style latch
A key feature of XRC sealed plugs and receptacles is the bayonet style latch.   Once the plug is engaged with the receptacle, after a quarter turn you’ll hear an audible click so you know that it is properly connected.  The connectors can be used for in-line applications and we also have hex nut and gasket accessories for panel mount applications.

A drop in replacement and good for the economy
XRC comes in 2 circuit sizes, a 24 shell/31-circuit version and an 18 shell/14-circuit version.  Rated up to 13.0A, the terminals are stamped and formed which is important because it helps reduce our manufacturing costs and that savings is passed on to customers.  Based on our internal testing, our stamped and formed terminal design provides superior performance making XRC an economical drop-in replacement.

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