How Connectors Power Lives All Around the World

Earth Seen From Space With Glowing Connection Lines - Technology, Global Communications, Flight Routes, Big DataAcross all industries and in all regions of the world, one thing remains the same: Powerful interconnect solutions are required for the dependability and excellence we’ve come to expect in every aspect of our lives. Whether determining how best to leverage a cutting-edge technology or enabling the sustained use of  appliances and equipment in our day-to-day lives, designers need solutions with high-level performance for reliability, protection and ease of development to positively impact the world beyond expectations.

Meeting the High-Power Demand for Quick Turnaround

During the pandemic, the world has been challenged in ways beyond our imagination. Many people have made major life adjustments—including parents who have modified their schedules to stay home with their kids, and business owners who have revised their strategies to remain financially solvent. As a result, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers also had to quickly pivot, making tough decisions to overcome the challenges of increasing production and meeting the overwhelming expectations associated with supply chain logistics and product delivery.

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In the telecommunications and networking industry, for instance, many of the changes brought about by these recent challenges have resulted in companies experiencing higher demand for additional products. As our working and learning environments have become remote, the demand for additional Wi-Fi has increased significantly with customers requiring new Wi-Fi systems for more bandwidth.

Whether for a remote or an in-person working environment, it is imperative to meet the demands of powering technology equipment. To power their applications in a vast high-tech world, manufacturers rely on high-performance components like Molex’s Fit Family Connectors. With these connectors, Molex offers options that provide a diverse array of power solutions for the many different types of applications in use.

Providing Solutions for Design Challenges

Design engineers often face challenges that require innovative solutions for easy assembly, cross-mating prevention and terminal back-out deterrence. To overcome these hurdles, Molex Fit Family Connectors bring relevant capabilities with superior quality to the products we use every day. These connectors deliver industry solutions to meet design flexibility requirements and contribute to the overall quality of consumer products in homes, office buildings, restaurants, recreation spaces, cities and the world.

The consumer goods industry has faced huge demands for increased products. Case in point: Facilities management has upped its sanitation game and begun installing hands-free equipment, including electronic soap dispensers and water faucets. More businesses have invested in handheld electronic thermometers for temperature monitoring after being permitted to reopen. One of the effects of such a turn of events comes down to the core of product manufacturing: the engineering of it all. Design challenges, including space constraints, end-product failures and high-power requirements, are a few of the challenges engineers must continue to overcome.

As original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) provide support for these business obstacles, they look to companies such as Molex for the necessary electronic solutions that deliver high quality, dependable results. Some high-power applications require a profile designed for space savings and superior robustness in tight spaces. Molex offers compact power connectors used in exercise equipment, mobile devices, white goods and transportation as well as many other industry applications that help build— and run—a “smart” city.

Offering Quality for the Masses

During the pandemic, consumer products have been at the forefront of customer demands. The need for work and school equipment such as laptops, computers, monitors, headsets and tablets increased significantly. When gyms closed or limited the number of clients allowed at one time, many people purchased home gym equipment, including treadmills, stationary bikes and home fitness mirrors—all requiring advanced electronic components. As a result, consumers looked to companies that mass- produce these products to keep up with the demands of their everyday lives.

However, when designing for the masses, engineers can also face quality issues. This prompts the requirement by manufacturers for reliable components that meet their needs and prevent failure in end products. It’s not often reported that several factors can result in end-product failures, including terminal back-outs that can occur during connector assembly as well as certain applications that cause operator fatigue due to repetitive mating requirements.

To mitigate this problem, Molex Fit Family Connectors offer integrated terminal position assurance (TPA) to significantly reduce terminal back-outs by providing locking redundancy. Additionally, these connectors reduce assembly error that can cause terminal back-outs with their enhanced TPA design that withstands high mating cycles, preventing operator fatigue.

Leveraging these innovations, manufacturers are able to meet consumers’ demands for reliable products for their everyday needs. In this way, Molex Fit connectors not only bring quality to OEMs’ process designs but also elevate our quality of life.

Delivering Reliable Features for a Complete Solution

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As design engineers are tasked with meeting the need for higher-current capabilities in compact packaging without sacrificing the space their connectors occupy, Molex offers a variety of compact power connectors such as Nano-Fit, Micro-Fit and Mini-Fit Power Connectors that provide design engineers with fully protected header terminals.

Molex’s complete Fit Family Connectors also offer a V-0/Glow Wire combination resin that reduces the cost of materials and labor while meeting the European safety standard for electrical requirements. Several products in the Fit Family line have different-colored polarized housings and tangless terminals as well.   

By delivering complete and reliable solutions to help solve today’s most difficult problems, Molex continues to strive to make the world a better place.  

Molex engineers understand and design to address the need for products to achieve high-quality performance and have far-reaching effects in industries throughout the world. Therefore, Fit Family Connectors offer valuable features that are steadfast in their delivery and provide robust solutions for design engineers. The overall advantages contribute to the value Fit Family Connectors bring to everyday products in homes, office buildings, transportation systems, restaurants and recreation centers—many elements that support a city and power the world while Creating Connections for Life!

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